Will Website Content Impact Website Interest?

When you think about your website and the interest it is gaining, you only ever seem to think about how images and colours will impact it. The truth is, the full written content of your site can also impact the interest it is gaining. Whilst what you see is what gives your audience their first impression the written content is what needs to grab the attention and sell your business to the audience. The first sentence on your site needs to be attention-grabbing, a sentence that will want to make the audience find out more.

Your written website content does play a huge part in maintaining the interest of your website. You may find you are gaining a lot of views, but they are not staying for more than a few seconds. This will be because of your written content. You will find that having expertly written content will help to lengthen the stay of your website viewers.

Gaining Email Subscribers

Having a large number of email subscribers can really boost your business, especially if they originally found you because they were interested in your products or services. To ensure you’re picking up the right type of email subscribers, you could have an opt in contact form on your website, so anyone interested can quickly leave their information and know they’ll have access to your mail. To lure them in, you may have to give them a good few reasons as to why they should subscribe to your mail, such as:

  • New product announcements
  • Sales
  • Advice

As long as you can offer some value to your website visitors, many may choose to subscribe, and you can then reach then on a regular basis, engaging with them and building a relationship that possibly converts them into a customer. It does take time, effort and dedication to keep pushing for new subscribers, but it is worth it when you begin to capitalise on that investment.

Benefits of getting an SSL certificate for your website

For the operators of a website, storing that information is a challenge of its own, but it’s only half the battle. First, one must get the customer to offer that information, and for them to have the peace of mind that in giving that information to someone, that the recipient of it will treat that data with the security that it rightly deserves.

Of course, a visitor to a website has no idea how the data is stored by the website operator, they have to take that bit on trust that it is done correctly, but a huge step in demonstrating to a website visitor that a company is worthy of their trust is to establish their connection over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.

SSL certificates are easy and relatively inexpensive to obtain; they are incredibly simple to install and take almost no time to obtain. For this small investment in effort, one can give their users the peace of mind that they increasingly require in today’s heavily data-dependent world.

Social Media Marketing can improve your business

There are numerous ways in which you can market your business, but one method that is proving most effective at this time, is social media marketing. Social media platforms can be used to engage with customers, advertise your service or products or simply push people to your website.

It is important to get the right balance of social media posts on your platforms, including eye-catching images, infographics, videos, blog posts, news and information. As well as regular posts you must engage with your followers with comments, likes and follows.

You should create business accounts across the main social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. It is important to keep each platform active with good quality content and visuals.

It is important that you provide active links from posts back to your website, as this is a great way to drive new customers direct to more detailed information on your company.

It’s content that counts

We all know how important it is to make a website that looks good, but the content you add to your website is key to its success. To get found more in Google, you need to provide articles that your target audience is asking. Let’s say you’re a printing company, you may want to answer a number of questions on your website such as how much does it cost, what is laser printing, how are brochures printed and how long does it take to print a magazine among other questions. The more questions you can answer, the more relevant you will be in the eyes of Google and that’s what you’ll need to do more frequently if you’d like to continue growing your organic traffic. Make sure you spend time updating your content, after all a well designed website is only as good as its content.