What to look for in a content marketing agency

There are many content marketing agencies out there and if you know you need good quality content but don’t know what to look for in an agency, this post might help.

Firstly make sure their copy is in order. Do the words they use persuade you to request their services? Do they tell you what they do clearly and concisely and have they developed a following for themselves? One of my favourite mottos is “if you can’t do the walk don’t do the talk” and there are way too many content marketing agencies out there without any proven experience or clientele.

When you’re looking for a content marketing agency check out their social media channels, check their website and their case studies. If you like what you see their words will do the rest to tempt you to use their services.

The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate is one of the most important KPI’s of an ecommerce website. Many people believe that it is all about traffic, but they’re wrong; you can’t have a successful online business without conversions, and you can’t have conversions without traffic; they’re both absolutely essential.

in website optimisation, it can be quite easy to build your amount of traffic up. There are a large number of ad services which will send massive amounts of traffic to you, but the conversion rate of that traffic is essentially 0.

This is just one example of how traffic is irrelevant if it doesn’t convert, but even in general SEO, if you optimise your site to bring in the largest audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to bring in converting traffic.

If you look at content marketing as an example: Content marketing is essentially trying to produce content that people appreciate and take as fact. It draws people in, but doesn’t necessarily have the “hook” that most would associate with a marketing strategy. It is about developing presence as opposed to sales.

This is all well and good, but it does mean that your conversion rate is going to plummet. I’ll grant you, though, that if it is well done then content marketing can result in more sales.  The problem comes in though, when you begin to organise content to target people’s queries as opposed to those among them looking to make a purchase.

If you take a Microsoft Excel training company as an example: Microsoft Excel is just about one of the most widely used pieces of software in business, and there is a great gap in the potential of the software and people’s skills with it. Most searches online for Microsoft Excel are therefore generally about people looking for quick answers to singular solutions; a content marketing campaign’s solution to this would be to provide the answer and then promote the fact that you can answer these questions. The downside to this strategy though, is that you’ve given pride of placement on your website to achieve good rankings for the related search terms, and sacrificed an opportunity to produce content that targets converting traffic. There is limited capital on a website for promoting important content and establishing relevance, so it generally is preferred to promote content that converts.

Moving on from how generating traffic and generating conversion rates can be in opposition, there are a wide range of strategies that businesses and marketers can employ to improve conversion rates.

One of the favourite strategies that people employ is called AB testing. This is where you have two versions of the same webpage, each with slight variations. You let a sample of people interact with each version of the webpage and from there determine the conversion rate for each version.

AB testing, and other strategies to develop conversion rates, are often used with heatmap technology. This shows how people’s cursors have interacted with the page, which can give you useful insights into the psychology of your users. Typically you’ll be able to see whether your users are struggling to find content that they want to find, and if they aren’t interacting well with your dynamic content.

Another essential tool for conversion rate optimisation is Google Analytics and ecommerce tracking. Google Analytics isn’t essential as there are alternatives, but it is a very useful and completely free, including free online tutorials in using it. You can use the analytics platform to discover how users are flowing through your website; how many pages they have to visit before they convert and how and where they bounce off the website.

Digital Marketing Services in 2015

Web Marketing is an interesting subject in the way that it is currently growing in popularity and the way forward for many organisations. As the types of traditional marketing such as TV advertising, brochure design, leaflet posting or large mail send outs are become more unresponsive to the market, many businesses, particularly small ones are seeking digital ways to entice people to pick up the phone and call.

The types of web marketing services that are included in this industry can vary from subject to subject. SEO, which stands for Search Engine optimisation is a particular favourite of many because it involves the process of being able to make a website appear higher up the search engines for a variety of keywords. By having a small business website which appears high up on the search engines can really help these businesses with obtaining new sales and leads through digital means for a relatively low cost.

Grow your business efficiently online using the web

The fashion of launching a website is going viral now. Whether there is a sole proprietor or a joint venture firm all are relying upon the web design/ marketing technique to get the maximum profits. It was very difficult earlier to target and attract the consumers without using an expensive advertising method, but with the use of online marketing strategies it has become very convenient for a businessman to gain bulk of consumers in just a matter of seconds.

However, to get good amount of profits, visibility online and to grow better in the market, you need to hire a web design expert who has the ability to make your web pages easy to find, browse and gain services through it. If a website is not listed on Google top ranking list, then its chances of gaining customers is very less, whereas a SEO service accomplished website will have versatile clients within an hour and they keep growing eventually.

Advantages of doing web designing courses

Web designing is related to designing up of websites of different companies and firms and has huge employment potential.

Few benefits of doing web designing course:

1. Popularity- The web designing has emerged as a huge employment booster since many multinational companies get their web pages designed by web designers.

2. Cost effective- The web designing course can be done at affordable and cheap cost and no heavy expenses have to be incurred. Thus it has become a prime choice for many youngsters who are pursuing their career in web designing.

3. High payment- If a web designer has advance technical and creative skills and has a good reputation then it is very beneficial since many western companies employ such people giving them huge annual packages. Moreover, another plus point is that these courses are done online by many reputed institutes and the teaching is done via internet.