Making sure your website is optimised for desktop and mobile

With recent changes to googles search optimisation, including a separate index for desktop and mobile devices may see some businesses loose trade. If your website is not yet optimised for mobile you may see a decrease in traffic to your site. Mobiles and handheld devices are used more frequently for browsing the net than desktops, and by google having a separate index, those sites that are not mobile optimised will take a lower position on google. This can affect a business hugely as SEO takes time. Seeking an SEO specialist to help convert your site to be optimised for both desktop and mobile is paramount. Following this they can then to take correct action to improve your sites SEO for... Read More »

Employing an SEO company to improve your businesses online presence

Do you feel you need to take your business to the next level? SEO experts can help you do just that. SEO companies can help optimise your positioning on search engines, increase your presence on social media platforms and improve overall leads to your website. It is important that you do you research first, making sure the company can help you with your businesses own needs and requirements. An SEO service should be tailored to your company, meaning you only pay for what you need. As previously mentioned, SEO companies should also be able to offer a social media marketing package, which when both work alongside one another is the best combination of online marketing strategies to help your business... Read More »

Being Relevant

Relevancy is one of the most famously used words in the SEO industry. For years, Google has been improving it’s algorithm to ensure only the most relevant websites are found for searches online. The latest updates from Google put even more emphasis on relevancy and we’re now getting to the stage where relevant content is more important than links and linkbuilding. Don’t get us wrong; links are still a sign of your site’s popularity, so the more relevant ones you have, the higher your site will be for relevant phrases. That said, you now have to have good quality, relevant and engaging content to perform at the highest level. Many SEO agencies have essentially turned into ‘content marketing agencies’, improving... Read More »

Expect Increasing Focus on Mobile Ranking Factors over the Coming Months

Google has recently made an announcement regarding the mobile index ranking factors, and how each of these factors will experience a shift in importance, or weight, in May. This is a follow-up of the much-publicised “Mobilegeddon”, which occurred roughly 11 months ago. What happened then is that, for the first time, the results that were displayed in the search index for mobile users deviated from what other device users would see. This was What happened then is that, for the first time, the results that were displayed in the search index for mobile users deviated from what other device users would see. This was done to account for the different requirements of each user base; most importantly it looked at... Read More »

Understanding the Impact of Intent

Intent defines a lot about where and how you should optimise content on a website. Many SEO’s overlook the importance of intent, but attracting traffic that lacks the intent to buy is going to be of limited value to a business. Traditional search engine optimisation typically focusses on, or at leasts dreams of, achieving high level rankings in highly competitive search terms to draw in as much traffic as possible. However, often times a search term that attracts less traffic than another can produce a higher conversion rate. Why is this the case? This is because of intent. Often times the most traffic is attributed towards people looking for information, and often times they will focus on really generic terms.... Read More »