Why You Don’t Need Flash Products to Use Instagram

Instagram is all about images and it’s becoming one of the most frequently used social networking platforms. Many companies will use Instagram to send out images of their products and while this is really beneficial or clothing stores, salons and other fashion outlets, it can be just a useful for non-fashion businesses.

Property developers could use Instagram to reflect some of their stylish properties, while car restorers can use it to show images of bodywork, and before and after shots of their projects. Many people use Instagram and different individuals will have different interests. To some people, a construction project will look more appealing than hair and beauty products, and there’s now more and more businesses, from a wide range of industries using Instagram to influence enquiries, conversions and sales.

Extending the reach of your Website’s content using Pinterest

If you have a website and you feel your high quality content isn’t getting the rewards it deserves, then consider using Pinterest, it’s a social media platform that’s especially useful for websites containing high quality images and infographics.


Pinterest is a place where people can create their own boards, and perhaps their board displays your website’s content, if it’s a particular piece of content they like. It must be said that Pinterest is not ideal for websites that contain a great deal of text, because images tend to get shared more by different people, perhaps meaning people ‘pin’ your image and click it being directed to your website.

A great looking website with high quality content should reap the rewards, and Pinterest can certainly help business’s do that, especially if it is used correctly.

Blog your way to Success

Today blogs are not just considered to be a way of socialising with your friends and perhaps creating an online diary of your personal events; instead they can be a fantastic marketing tool for a variety of businesses.

With so many different sales driven websites out there, it can be difficult for businesses to show personality and a unique voice; they may appear very similar to each other, each attempting to persuade visitors to make a purchase.


A blog can be a little different, and it can help businesses engage with customers on a different level, you’re able to speak to them perhaps less formally, and subtlety spread the word about your products. You can even make comments on various developments in your industry. For example if you’re a fashion retailer, you may blog about some of the latest trends, and it doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your own products.

Regular and relevant blogs can build relationships with your customers and help you understand them better, so if you want to enhance your corporate identity and create long lasting relationships with your customers, a blog could be a vital tool.

Social Media Marketing

If one is looking for strategies to promote their business or just thinking of ways that you can create/increase public awareness about your products or services, then social media marketing is the away to go. Social media marketing is all about driving traffic (relevant) to your business website. If done in the correct way, it can be the most effective way of creating awareness and keeping your target clients coming to your website. Social media has become a very powerful marketing tool in today’s ever growing social world. It is not uncommon to find people of all ages and from different walks of life belonging to one social site or another. As such, social media has become a magnifying glass for even small businesses to promote themselves.
Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from social media marketing;

Before the emergence of social media and internet in general, the cost of advertising was very high. Radio and TV airtime, newspaper ads and billboards advertising are very expensive compared to the cost of social media advertising. The cost of marketing on social media for a whole month may only be able to cover a seconds of a TV advert or a few minutes of a radio advert. Unlike the traditional methods, social media can accommodate more than one or two promotional materials i.e., written, audio, video and audio-visual all in one channel.
Worldwide reach
Social media allows a business to reach not just a local or national but a global audience at a reasonable cost. This is probably the biggest advantage that social media has over other conventional advertising methods. It would be very expensive to use television to reach an international audience.
Superior customer relations
Social medial allows for a channel for feedback from a business to its clients and vice versa. Through the social media, it is possible to get reactions to your products and services, run your ideas through your audience and even manage customer services in real time. Unlike television and billboard adverts, people can immediately like your products and even share with others. Only social medial gives you a direct communication channel with your target audience.
Measurable results
There are many social media marketing companies that offer these services and taking advantage of them will provide your business with a quick way of monitoring statistics compared to longer periods that are typical of traditional advertising methods. You can instantly get feedback on the kind of marketing tactics/messages that are being received favorably and those that are not.

Traditional advertisements will only last as long as the money that being spent on them and considering how expensive they are, this means only a short period of time. With current trends in archiving and indexing that are offered by search engines, your social media adverts will be available in the decades to come.
Dependent on the location of your business, there are several companies that offer social media marketing services and most can be found online. A simple social media marketing search will provide you with a list of companies that provide the services in UK. Cost may vary dependent on the advertising and marketing needs of the business.