How Google+ can help your business

Over the last few years, Google+ has opened the doors to the public; and as a result, has grown considerably larger than many of its competitors. The growth is based on active user accounts. With the exception of Facebook, Google+ is second in number of active users. 

The most up-to-date data would suggest that more than 50% of internet users have a Google+ account. More importantly, this figure is constantly growing. These active Google+ users are all potential customers that businesses need to interact with. In order to remain relevant, businesses should consider taking advantage of the rise of Google+.

Search Engine Optimisation

Impact on SEO, or organic search rankings, is the main reason a business should invest effort in Google+. It is important to note that Google is the leading search engine for internet users. Businesses that post and share content with an active Google+ account have a higher ranking in search results. When Google+ users perform a search, specific business content is more visible. More importantly, Google+ offers a social way to communicate and interact with potential customers.

A business that generates more engagement has increased visibility in search results. It is important to remember that businesses need to post regularly in order to maximise results. Using Google+ to share and post can help content receive more user engagement. Google+ helps make engagement more social and visibility easier for businesses to attain.

Improved Presence

Google+ can help businesses build and maintain a presence. For instance, features such as Google+ Local Business Pages can tell users what a business entails as well as where a business is located. The Google+ Events feature can create calendar reminders to help active users stay up-to-date on future plans and promotional events. Google Maps and Places can also improve local search results. These features can help businesses gain awareness and improve presence.