Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to try and improve your page ranking in search engines. The main thing you can do on your site to increase your rank is to build more links. More links generally leads to a better Google PageRank and will thus improve your ranking in search engines.

When you try to get more links you have to think about quality, not all links are created equal, and links to sites of poor quality there is little or no effect on rankings. The best types of links you receive are from trusted sources, such as universities, newspapers and even some high-quality directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

It is sometimes difficult to discern good from evil. Here are some questions to ask when looking at the sites or pages to get links to:

* Is this site relevant to mine?

* Does this site have a problem with linking to sites of low quality?

* Will the site produce high-quality traffic to your website?

* Doe’s it have a good page ranking in search engines?

* Do a lot of other sites link to it?

Another important factor is how it links to sites, sites that use a nofollow tag to link to you will not help.