It’s content that counts

We all know how important it is to make a website that looks good, but the content you add to your website is key to its success. To get found more in Google, you need to provide articles that your target audience is asking. Let’s say you’re a printing company, you may want to answer a number of questions on your website such as how much does it cost, what is laser printing, how are brochures printed and how long does it take to print a magazine among other questions. The more questions you can answer, the more relevant you will be in the eyes of Google and that’s what you’ll need to do more frequently if you’d like to... Read More »

Ecommerce Websites – Why great photography is key

If you’re selling products on your website, whether that’s garage doors, T-shirts, mobile phones, folders, carpets, curtains or fireplaces, you have to put effort into making your products look as desirable as possible. With the right photographer you can drastically improve sales, so put down the mobile phone camera and hire a professional with their own studio! People should be able to see the true quality of your products and zoom in to different areas of the products. A well-lit photograph with the products in sharp focus and the background blurred will draw your visitors eyes to the relevant product, so make sure you don’t have any dull images on your website. If you need artistic direction, simply spend an... Read More »

Being Relevant

Relevancy is one of the most famously used words in the SEO industry. For years, Google has been improving it’s algorithm to ensure only the most relevant websites are found for searches online. The latest updates from Google put even more emphasis on relevancy and we’re now getting to the stage where relevant content is more important than links and linkbuilding. Don’t get us wrong; links are still a sign of your site’s popularity, so the more relevant ones you have, the higher your site will be for relevant phrases. That said, you now have to have good quality, relevant and engaging content to perform at the highest level. Many SEO agencies have essentially turned into ‘content marketing agencies’, improving... Read More »

One page websites – Great for CVs and portfolios

Many people like the idea of having a one page website; everything is in one place so it’s easy to use right? Not exactly, it’s not always easy to find the informaiton you’re looking for, and it doesn’t make it easy to add new content, whilst loading times can be effected if everything is on one single page. That said, there are circumstances where it can work very well and that’s for slick agency portfolios and resumes. With a clean and modern one page website, you can have all of your important information in one place, whether that’s images, job history or case studies. There’s a demand for one page websites and if you need something very easy for your... Read More »

What to look for in a content marketing agency

There are many content marketing agencies out there and if you know you need good quality content but don’t know what to look for in an agency, this post might help. Firstly make sure their copy is in order. Do the words they use persuade you to request their services? Do they tell you what they do clearly and concisely and have they developed a following for themselves? One of my favourite mottos is “if you can’t do the walk don’t do the talk” and there are way too many content marketing agencies out there without any proven experience or clientele. When you’re looking for a content marketing agency check out their social media channels, check their website and their... Read More »