The importance of using Google+ for businesses

Google+ usage has definitely increased over recent years and is becoming a must have social media marketing platform for many businesses. Currently, google+ has amassed more than 540 million active users, making it more popular than ever.

With 1 million daily active users of google +, you can imagine how important it is to get your business account up and running, as these users can turn into potential clients. This platform is a great way to market your products or services and keep consistent brand recognition across your other social channels.

Keeping a professional business presence on Google+ is a great way for your business to grow trust with google, as a search engine, and increase traffic to your website. Some important features of Google+ that can help with boosting your business; these include google maps and google places, all helping potential clients locate your services.  There is no better time to create your own Google+ business account and see what benefits it brings to your company.