Social media is a bit more controversial than other forms of web marketing, in the sense that a lot of businesses don’t feel it’s necessary. They might be right about that, but you can’t ignore the possibility of making it into a success. There are a lot of businesses which have gained their primary source of traffic through social media platforms like Facebook, to the point where they’ve become a success.

So you may be wondering what it is that has made their social media activities a a direct profit making enterprise. This can be difficult to determine, but primarily it is due to engagement. Occasionally you’ll see a relatively lucky company who manages to produce a viral campaign, a campaign which spreads to a massive audience based upon word of mouth, but such a campaign is very hard to create. Primarily businesses create social media accounts and turn them into a success by engaging with their customers on the network. You can also use ads on the various social media accounts to reach out to those you’re not already directly connected to, which is another way of growing your contacts on the network, and these ads are actually a lot more targeted than PPC.

So what do we mean by engagement? Engagement means creating engaging content and then engaging with those who are engaged by that content. You’re not just trying to get somebody from your facebook page to your website and products, you’re trying to build up a community which is excited about your products and services, formed from people who are willing to share your posts and therefore increase your reach exponentially.