Using Facebook to Generate a Buzz

Developing interest in your business, brand, and products has always been one of the main goals of marketing. In some respects, the shift towards SEO has deviated from this, as all you’re doing is trying to gain a prominent position in listings which people have actively searched for; you’re not developing interest, you’re taking advantage of it. They’re essentially two sides of the same, but they’re still two different methods of marketing.

Facebook, unlike SEO, has a lot more potential for developing a buzz about products and trend-setting in general, and there are numerous techniques to employ which promise to achieve this. Your ability to put in place ad specifications is a great example technique that can potentially achieve this.

Facebook targeted ads are able to draw upon what is considered to be the largest database of personal information, to produce ads that can target people based upon a wide range of factors, such as personal interests, time of day, day of the week, day of the month, the time of year, relationship status, profession, age, and more. These factors can be used to achieve a large degree of exposure, and couple that with a creative ad that is able to attract attention, interest, and ultimately convert, then the chances of getting an exponential growth out of your marketing campaign will vastly increase.