Web Design Trends For 2020

Web design is always changing and evolving. In 2020, this is no different and web designers are always inventing new ways to push the boundary of what websites look and feel like. So, we will now take a closer look at a few 2020 trends so that you can apply them to your own websites.

One extremely popular trend is the use of dark mode on websites. This is exactly what it sounds like where the background of a website is black or very dark. As a result, it makes the images, buttons and other colored elements on the website, pop out. Also, due to the dark background this actually reduces eye strain of viewers.

Another popular trend is the use of hand drawn elements on a page which are quite imperfect. This actually makes websites seem more organic and human while also adding a great deal of personality to them. Perfectly created graphics have been the norm in web design for decades, so this shift to imperfect hand drawn images is a huge change. These elements have become so popular that hand drawn icons are also emerging.

Next, there is a greater use of layers, floating aspects as well as soft shadows on websites. This not only creates a more interesting 3D effect but also makes the entire site look more appealing. This is quite a change from the typical flat design of most websites. If you’re looking for Web Design Corby┬áit’s best to choose a company experienced in all manner of designs, with a particular focus on user experience.

Photography is also being mixed with graphical elements. Basically, this is where there are photos on a page and there are other graphics or typography which are added on or around it. This helps to make websites more unique and stand out from the millions of other websites. This is almost like a collage type effect and is quite effective for branding.

Glowing colour schemes are also extremely popular in 2020. These create a very futuristic effect and they typically include colours such as pink, blue, purple etc. This type of design actually makes websites stand out and is a very daring colour combination and effect. This colour effect is also being combined with duotone web designs to create even more engaging visuals.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the most popular web design trends for 2020. There are many more trends and it is best to keep looking at others in order to find the best design trend to implement on your own websites.